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The Art Of Top Down Mixing

Today I want to share a helpful strategy to getting better sounding mixes with fewer plugins. Why is fewer plugins a good thing? For one you can save CPU power if you mixing on a native system (which many of us are). Secondly, I’m of the belief that the less processing you do to the audio, the better.

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6 Nuances You Feel, Not Hear

Have you ever believed that there’s just something badass engineers do that the rest of the world isn’t privy to? Are you disappointed when everyone on forums seems to agree that engineers are just using really good judgement and generally using basic processing?


EHX’s Soul Food Demo

  JJ Tanis checks in from the Netherlands with a fine demo of the Soul Food transparent overdrive. He also does an informative comparison of EHX’s newest overdrive and distortion pedals.

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BAFTA Games Awards 2014!!!

Massive Congratulations to all the nominees and winners at the BAFTA Games Awards last night! Highlights for us were: The Audio Achievement in 2014 went to The Last of Us! Congratulations to Phillip Kovats and all the audio guys at Naughty Dog, Inc. very well deserved award and up against some great competition!

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Behind The Scenes of Killzone: Shadow Fall

  In the video, Lead Sound Designer Lewis James and Senior Sound Designer Anton Woldhek discuss the dynamic prioritization of sound effects in the game, and reveal how some of Killzone Shadow Fall’s sound effects were created. They also talk about the Madder (Material Dependent Environmental Reactions) System that was developed to allow gun sounds to react and adapt to the materials in their environment.

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Why You Should Be Mixing With A Timer

One problem plaguing home studio mixers these days is a giant lack of focus. We pull up faders, tweak knobs, drop in plugins, fiddle with automation, and then repeat this crazy process for hours. In the end we wind up with a mix. Maybe a good one, maybe not so good.