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The Two Volume Technique

  The problem with our ears is that they adapt; they get used to whatever they are hearing. One solution to “wake” them up is to periodically flip back and forth between two very different mix volumes. You want a standard volume (which ideally is relatively low) and then a super low volume. If you have a dim switch on your interface, you’re set. If not, watch this video.

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DM-307 Review (Heavyocity)

  Today we are going to take a look at DM–307 – a new sample library from Heavyocity. Does Heavyocity deliver or should you pass on this one? Let us have a look.


Toontrack’s EZDrummer 2

  New drum kits, interchangeable elements, and song creator added– Toontrack have endeavoured to improve their exceedingly popular EZdrummer software without making it more complicated, and…

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Why You (Mostly) Shouldn’t Work For Free

I tweeted something out a few days ago that seemed to solidify my concern with our industry and how we value ourselves . The response from this tweet had mixed responses ranging from favorable to people in complete disagreement. That tweet was…