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Facebook “Sound Design” Group

If you were interested in having a more casual conversation about sound and sharing interesting links, demos, etc., feel free to join the new facebook “Sound Design” group. It’s a closed group so your postings wont spam family members and other friends you might share with on the website.


The Audio Spotlight

Joe Pompei has taken ultrasound waveforms and converted them so that they are audible.  What can you do with this? Well you now have the chance to whisper in someone’s ear from across the room.

GDC 2012 0

GDC 2012: Audio Track Advisory Board Talk Shop

Kenneth Young (Media Molecule), Chance Thomas (, Scott Selfon (Microsoft), Brian Schmidt (Brian Schmidt Studios), and Tommy Tallarico (Game Audio Network Guild founder) chat with Gamasutra about the current state of game audio and how they want to push the envelope going forward.  They also discuss some of their favorite moments from last years releases and developing for mobile platforms.


Take 5 with Diego Stocco

Diego Stocco sits down with to discuss his approach to sound design and what inspires his creative work.  Check out the video after jump.

Iceberg 0

The Sound of An Iceberg

Want to hear what a 76 mile long iceberg sounds like while it’s breaking apart and being recorded from 700 miles away? Well you can! Here is a compressed version that was speed up by 200 times the original length to come in at around two minutes long.

Deus-Ex 0

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Sound & Music

The guys over at Eidos Interactive have put together a video showcasing the audio for Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  They go over the development of the score, designing guns, environments and how they tried to make the soundtrack as immersive as possible.