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Build a Classic Synth: Hands-on with KORG’s MS-20 Kit

  Call it the MS-20 “Biggie.” A year after remaking their classic 1978 MS-20 synthesizer in a hugely-popular “mini” version, KORG surprised everyone by unveiling a second reissue this year, the limited-edition MS-20 Kit. Its innards are entirely identical to the MS-20 mini; component-by-component, the sound circuitry is the same.

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Hexonator Resonator Makes Any Sound into Harmonies

Resonators are a breed that could use some new life. Let’s not even talk about Ableton Live – use one of the presets in the built-in effect in that software, and any producers are likely to turn up their ears. But that’s why it’s nice to see the latest effort from Artemiy Pavlov and Sinevibes.

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Interview with Composer, Lance Hayes

The Sound Architect speaks to Lance Hayes. Lance is an award winning composer working in media, advertising, television, and video game soundtracks. Some of his latest projects include composing and producing music for Nike+ Kinect Fitness, the Stranded Music for the mega hit video game Gears of War 3, music for Xbox Fitness and…


The EHX Tortion

  EHX TORTION, the flagship preamp/overdrive, covers vast tonal real estate and redefines versatility. Here guitarist extraordinaire, Bill Ruppert, unleashes the pedal’s database of great tone.


The Two Volume Technique

  The problem with our ears is that they adapt; they get used to whatever they are hearing. One solution to “wake” them up is to periodically flip back and forth between two very different mix volumes. You want a standard volume (which ideally is relatively low) and then a super low volume. If you have a dim switch on your interface, you’re set. If not, watch this video.

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The Art Of Top Down Mixing

Today I want to share a helpful strategy to getting better sounding mixes with fewer plugins. Why is fewer plugins a good thing? For one you can save CPU power if you mixing on a native system (which many of us are). Secondly, I’m of the belief that the less processing you do to the audio, the better.