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Monday Night Listen – #010

Tonight’s listen is a very common object found throughout many households.  Can you guess what the recording is? Monday Night Listen – #010 by MikeQuell Last week’s listen was a recording from a trip out to a local CAT dealer.  The specific sample was a Vibrating Soil Compactor.  Gnarly sound, huh?

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Monday Night Listen – #009

Come on guys, you have to participate in order to get the goods.  After the lack of guesses I am unwilling to give up the Kung Fu mastery from the last posting of the Monday Night Listen series.  However, today comes a new post and it gives you yet another chance to redeem yourselves.  This is an awesome sound and I hope you enjoy it.

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Monday Night Listen – #008

I love it when a planned recording actually turns out the way you had imagined it sounding and the translation during playback holds up.   This recording was one of those days and it’s one of my favorite sounds available in my arsenal.  I spent a lot of time with this object and got a lot of really cool stuff out of it.  Can you guess what it is?

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Monday Night Listen – #007

This weeks recording was one I made while staying in a hostel over in London.  It was a rather long take and I edited out a fun portion of it that I thought would be good for this week’s listen.  Can you guess what it is?

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Monday Night Listen – #006

This weeks listen is one that came by accident a couple years ago and I thought I would share it.  No processing or special editing was done to the file.  Take a listen and leave your guess in the comments.  It’s fairly easy but a cool sound none the less.

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Monday Night Listen – #004

Here it is, the fourth installment of the Monday Night Listen.  I always think these are easy when I post them but I then find out that most of the people that listen don’t know what it is.   That in itself makes these posting all worth it.  However, again I think this one is an easy guess but I’ll give a clue anyways.