A Collection of Bygone Sounds

Brendan Chilcutt has a small collection of what he is calling the Museum of Endangered Sounds.  It’s hard to believe that a lot of kids graduating from high school this year may have never laid ears on these sounds!

Windows 95 start up.  Speak and Spell. A 3.5″ floppy drive writing/reading.  When was the last time you heard one of these old-timey gems?

Read more about it over at gizmodo.com

UPDATE:  According to a Washington Post article, dated June 29, “Brendan Chilcutt,” the venerable curator of the Museum of Endangered Sounds is actually an apparition himself.

“As it turns out, he was never even here. Brendan Chilcutt is a fabrication, a nerd mascot dreamedup by the site’s flesh-and-blood creators, Marybeth Ledesma, Phil Hadad and Greg Elwood, all advertising students in their mid-20s who met while they were attending Virginia Commonwealth University’s Brandcenter(they have all since graduated).


For even more about the Museum of Endangered Sounds, read the Washington Post article



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