We Are Looking For Contributors!

The Sonic Spread is looking for casual contributors for the site.  A lot of my free time has been allocated to other things lately so the site has been suffering as a result.  If you would like to contribute please feel free to contact me. After the jump you can read a bit more about what we would be looking for, both contribution and content wise.

If you are a regular reader you probably have noticed that this site covers a broad spectrum of audio related content.  I think that’s where this site is kind of special.  There are tons of audio related sources out there, expanding multiple industries, that can be both educational and entertaining to all of us.  I would like to continue sharing these resources with the public but as I said above, my free time has been mostly taken up by other things.  This is why I am asking for help and here is what I am proposing.

I would like to get a group of people together that would enjoy posting here. In fact, they don’t even have to post regularly. The only thing I would like is that they are conscious to what the site represents both content wise and visually. As you have noticed I have tried to use thumbnails and images for most of the content.  I really think this helps make the site both easier and fun to read. I also try to add a few sentences outlining a referenced article or video.  The site needs a little personality from the authors and I would like to keep it from turning into a “bot-like” link feed.  People can just use RSS readers for that.

If you think you would like to post or share things you have found interesting from time to time on the site please contact me using the envelope icon at the top right of the page (with the rest of the social icons) or leave a comment below.  I will also still be posting from time to time and I will share my Google Reader (RSS) feed with anyone that wishes to contribute.

Thanks everyone!

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