The Sound of An Iceberg

Want to hear what a 76 mile long iceberg sounds like while it’s breaking apart and being recorded from 700 miles away? Well you can! Here is a compressed version that was speed up by 200 times the original length to come in at around two minutes long.

“Its actual location was near Antarctica’s Cape Adare where it was speeding along back in 2005 until it encountered an underwater shoal. It was shattered it into several pieces in just five hours.

The sound file has been compressed by a factor of 200 so the event can be heard in less than two minutes, according to Seelye Martin, UW research professor in oceanography. He was lead author of a paper published last year in the Journal of Geophysical Researchabout the event.

The wind-like, whistling sounds are the harmonics created as the iceberg sticks and slips over the shoal. Listen as the cracking sounds build – that’s probably fractures propagating through the iceberg like an ice cube fracturing when put in a glass of water – and then a sharp shot. The eerie moaning sounds are probably from the resulting pieces of ice rubbing against each other.”

via University of Washington


Source:  University of Washington

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