Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Sound & Music

The guys over at Eidos Interactive have put together a video showcasing the audio for Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  They go over the development of the score, designing guns, environments and how they tried to make the soundtrack as immersive as possible.

Eidos Interactive Ltd. (/ˈdɒs/eye-doss) is a label of Square Enix Europe.[1] It was originally a video game publisher before it was acquired by Square Enix. As an independent company Eidos plc was headquartered in the Wimbledon Bridge House in Wimbledon, London Borough of Merton.[2][3]

Its best-known game series include Tomb Raider, Hitman, Commandos, Deus Ex, Legacy of Kain, Thief, TimeSplitters, and Fear Effect. The company maintains offices all around the world, including the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Australia and Japan.

Eidos officially became part of Square Enix on 22 April 2009. Following a reorganization of the company, Eidos was merged with Square Enix’s European operations into Square Enix Europe.[1] The Eidos brand currently lives through the development studio Eidos Montréal, and is also used as a label for games developed by former Eidos-owned developers like Crystal Dynamics and IO Interactive.[4]

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