Monthly Archive: January 2011

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NAMM 2011: The Moog Lap Steel

Moog has taken the technology used in their E1 guitar to create a lap steel in which they were showing off at NAMM 2011.  Check out some videos and specs after the jump.


Coachella’s 2011 Lineup

In a location that was originally scouted by the management of Pearl Jam to hold a boycott concert against Ticketmaster, Indio, California is now the official home for over 25,000 people during a  few days in spring we dedicate to the Coachella Festival.  The official lineup for the 2011 musical bonanza has been released. Who are you interested in seeing this year?

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Game Informer’s “The Sounds Of Skyrim”

“In a sprawling role-playing epic like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, good audio can make or break the experience. An out-of-place musical theme, a poor voice actor in a key role, or a goofy sound effect can ruin the immersion, pulling players out of the excitement of the game. At the same time, strong audio work can help a game soar, deepening every level of involvement in the world of the game.”

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Developer Diary: Brink’s Chris Sweetman

Developer Splash Damage has been publishing developer diaries leading up to the release for their first person shooter “Brink”.  A recent diary featured Splash Damage’s Audio Director, Chris Sweetman.  I’ve posted an excerpt from the article after the jump.


The More You Know: FMOD Audio Engine

Firelight Technologies has started publishing a series of instructional videos with sound designers and others who have been using their audio engine, FMOD and it’s designer interface.  Check out a few videos after the jump.

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New (Old) Fairlight Synth Is Ridiculous, Awesome.

In the 1980s, Fairlight Instruments turned the music industry on its head by developing the first commercial instrument based on sound sampling. See the history page for more background. That company was wound up at the end of the eighties. Fairlight’s successor, Fairlight.AU, is now the world leader in professional audio editing, recording and mixing.