Monday Night Listen – #008

I love it when a planned recording actually turns out the way you had imagined it sounding and the translation during playback holds up.   This recording was one of those days and it’s one of my favorite sounds available in my arsenal.  I spent a lot of time with this object and got a lot of really cool stuff out of it.  Can you guess what it is?

Monday Night Listen – #008 by MikeQuell

As for last week’s listen, that was another sound I thought could possibly be useful one day but had never recorded until I was on vacation.  Looking out the window one morning while staying at a hostel in London I noticed the large amount of condensation build up that had formed on the glass.  It was mid-September so the contrast from interior and exterior temperatures was the culprit.  I grabbed my recorder and started rubbing my finger up and down the glass.  I ended up getting a bunch of great long rubbing sound as well as some takes of me performing the actions in which you heard here:  Monday Night Listen – #007.

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3 Responses

  1. Astro King says:

    I’ve got some long rubbing sounds you can record.

  2. Mike Niederquell says:

    Hahah, uhh…..

  3. Astro King says:

    Is that recording processed at all?

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