Monthly Archive: November 2010

Lemmy 0

Lemmy: 49% Motherfucker, 51% Son Of A Bitch

  “Lemmy” was released last March but didn’t see a distribution through the Americas until…soon.  Along with that, the street dates of the double disc DVD and Blu-Ray releases have been announced.  Wait, am I getting ahead of myself?  You’ve never heard of “Lemmy”?  BAH!  “Lemmy” is a documentary following the life and times of Motorhead front man, Lemmy Kilmister.  The man is 65 years old and could probably kick my ass while drinking a class of whiskey and signing a woman’s breast.  The man IS rock n’ roll.

Monday_Night_Listen 3

Monday Night Listen – #008

I love it when a planned recording actually turns out the way you had imagined it sounding and the translation during playback holds up.   This recording was one of those days and it’s one of my favorite sounds available in my arsenal.  I spent a lot of time with this object and got a lot of really cool stuff out of it.  Can you guess what it is?

Howard_Shore 2

Howard Shore Will Score “The Hobbit”

I think we can all agree that The Lord of The Rings trilogy probably has some of the best pieces, if not, the best pieces composed for film in the last decade.  According to /film via The Province, Howard Shore has stated that he will be returning to score Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit”.

Gorillaz 0

Gorillaz Cover The xx’s “Crystalised”

Who the hell are “The xx’s” and why are Gorillaz covering them?  That’s what I was thinking while thoroughly enjoying their rendition of a song I had never heard.  Well I post this for two reasons.  One, the cover is great and two, the other band sounds pretty interesting as well.

Monday_Night_Listen 1

Monday Night Listen – #007

This weeks recording was one I made while staying in a hostel over in London.  It was a rather long take and I edited out a fun portion of it that I thought would be good for this week’s listen.  Can you guess what it is?