Monthly Archive: August 2010

Prius_Sounds 0

More Future Car Sounds!

The super quiet Prius is adding an under the hood speaker to project audio that pitches based on speed.  This will be an $150 option that can be toggled on and off to warn pedestrians about an approaching vehicle.  Check out the video and take a listen. Mario’s in there too, picking up coins.

Ewok_Gif 1

Ben Burtt Talks with Attractions Magazine

In this video you’ll hear Burtt get grilled by Attractions Magazine while he was in Florida attending Star Wars Celebration V.  They’ll ask tough questions like whether he considers himself a Sith or Jedi.  Or what about a Ewok or a Wookie?  Who will he choose!?  He also talks about Wall-E and reusing sound effects across multiple films.

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The Exorcism of Circuit Bending Barbie

This is scaring the shit out of me.  Synthtopia has posted a video they found of a sing along Barbie head being circuit bended.  Check out the video after the jump if you’re into Barbie with a splash of Satan.

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AudioOrchard – Cloud Based Music Maker

AudioOrchard has added their toolset to the cloud and is letting users take pre-existing loops to compose songs. It’s super simple and fun to mess around with if you enjoy programs like Abelton or FL Studio.

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“Halo Reach” Console Will Have Unique Audio Feedback

The special edition Halo Reach console will ship with two unique sounds supposedly from the upcoming game.  One sound will play when you eject the disc tray and the other will play when you power the console on.  What are these sounds?  Hit the jump to take a listen.

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Russell Brower of Starcraft 2 Talks Shop

The guys over at Gamespot have a discussion up with Russell Brower, Audio Director on Blizzard’s Starcraft 2.  I’m acutally surprised with how long the interview is considering it’s just audio.  Take the jump and have a read.