Monthly Archive: May 2010

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Bear McCreary To Score “SOCOM 4″

Bear McCreary (Battlestar Gallactica) has announced that he is composing the music for his second large scale video game title, the military shooter, SOCOM 4.  Bear goes into detail about the inspirations and setups but what caught my eye was that he has written eight hours of music – which seems like a massive amount of material.  SOCOM 4 will be released during the third quater of this year for Playstation 3.

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Your Mouse Clicks Need More Distortion

Roland UK has put together a mouse based off of Boss’s popular DS-1 distortion pedal. The ‘Tone’ and ‘Dist’ knobs work as the left and right mouse button and a convenient scroll wheel has been added to the side.  There’s also an LED that lights up when the device is attached.

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Active Sound Design with BMW

BMW’s blog has a detailed read about designing the acoustics and engine sounds for the upcoming diesel engines.  It goes into detail how they used dampening materials to prevent unwanted buzzing and noise as well as employing sound designers to bring in an artificial engine sound to give the usual unappealing diesel engine characteristics a more pleasant tone.  Hit the jump for the link.

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Toys “R” Us Selling Pro Tools

Are you older than seven years old?  Well swing by your local Toys “R” Us and grab yourself a copy of Pro Tools.  The monster toy retailer describes it as a way to “easily and affordably craft professional-sounding songs and remixes with M-Powered Essentials software – no experience needed.”  With no experience needed, what are you waiting for!?

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Making Music with Craftsman Tools

The following music video is put together entirely from the sounds of Craftsman tools.  I’ve seen many of these before but I particularly like when the motors get involved about halfway through.  Hit the jump for some of the most manly music on the Internet.  RHo! RHo! RHo!

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Designing Sound Talks Shop with “Nightmare” Crew

Designing Sound has an exclusive interview with Andrew DeCristofaro, Michael Payne and David Farmer of the recent film, “A Nightmare on Elm Street”.  In the interview they talk about some of the challenges they came across while designing for the film such as how far to take the dream sequences without giving it away to the viewer that the characters on screen are in a unconscious state.

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Scoring “Red Dead Redemption” has a great article up about the process of writing the score for “Red Dead Redemption”.  Among other things, it goes into detail on how musicians, Bill Elm and Wody Jackson restricted themselves to keep the entire score in A minor at 130 BPM.  Playing through the game myself, it sounds completely random at times but also works strangely well.  Hit the jump for the article.

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Dolby and Pixar Push for 7.1 In Theaters

With the upcoming release of ‘Toy Story 3′, Pixar and Dolby Laboratories are working together to release the film in 7.1.  Expressing to most theaters currently supporting Dolby Digital Surround EX that they will only need a software update and ones without will have to invest around $700 per theater – it’s hardly a question.  Keep an ear out for it when you see it this June.