Monthly Archive: April 2010

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Make Music In The Cloud

An online music creation kit has been released through Audiotool.  If you’re new to audio it’s a great site to learn signal flow and get familiar with certain pieces of hardware.  It’s definitely worthy of a few minutes of your time.  Plus, you can save anything you make! Source:

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Don Veca Talks Dead Space: Extraction

Original Sound Version has a interview with Dead Space: Extraction’s Audio Director, Don Veca.  They talk about how the original title was created with modulatariy in mind and how they were able to re-use most of the previous games assets. You can read  the whole article here:

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The Music of Monster Hunter

Gamasutra has posted an article with an interview for the Capcom composer, Yuko Komiyama of the Monster Hunter video game series.  Below I have posted a song sample from the series.  Enjoy. Source:

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How Eyjafjallajokull’s Eruption Has Affected The Industry

Pro Sound News has an interesting article on the affects the volcano eruption near Eyjafjallajokull has had on the industry. “The crew for Tom Jones can’t get home, the president of Eighth Day is still stuck in the UK, and we have Whitney Houston taking public transportation to get to Dublin!” Check it out here:

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‘Sound Effects Recording’ Flickr Group

If you haven’t already, join the ‘Sound Effects Recording’ Flickr group here: Recordists from all over the world are starting to upload photos from their sessions.  Like the above photo, there’s some great shots in there.

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Hans Zimmer Pushes for Unionization

“Here’s the thing I always love about music and musicians, it really is a community. We have to protect each other because that’s how we are used to working. When we play together we have to look out for each other, we have to make room for everybody, that’s how you get a good sound.” Source:

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Zebra Finches ROCK!

I came across this on a blog I read and the article was comparing the below video to the drone rock back Sunn O))).  I couldn’t help but laugh after watching the video.  If you’re familiar with the band I think you’ll get a kick out of it.