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GameSoundCon – 2010

GameSoundCon is starting to announce their dates and Seattle has been added to the list.  A quick quote from their website on what to expect from the show: “We’re hitting more cities with new formats in 2010!  In addition to the larger 2-day GameSoundCon conferences, we’re adding concentrated, 1-day seminars in Seattle, Washington and other cities. The GameSoundCon 2010 Conferences and Seminars are for composers, sound designers, audio engineers and others who want to learn what it takes to work in the video game music and sound industry. Learn the craft, technology and tools for composing game music and creating...

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Randy Thom To Speak @ NAB Show

Randy Thom is set to speak at the 2010 NAB show about his work on How To Train Your Dragon on Monday, April 12th from 5PM-6PM with a group of other panelist from the film Check out the NAB Show live in Las Vegas, April 10th through the 15th. Source(s): National Associate of Broadcasters

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Mark Mothersbaugh Likes to Score

Mark Mothersbaugh (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, The Royal Tenenbaums) has a video up of him messing around with some cool synths. It doesn’t look like he’s trying to too hard but those that like his work will probably get a kick out of the video. Check it out after the jump.

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2010 MIPA Award Winners

The 2010 Musikmesse Internation Press Awards have been announced and here are the winners: SPECIAL CATEGORY: Most Innovative Product: TC Electronic PolyTune Lifetime Achievement Award: Hartley Peavey STUDIO GEAR: Studio Microphone:Neumann TLM 102 Studio Monitor (Near-Field): Focal CMS 65 Recording Software: Steinberg Cubase 5 Recording Hardware: Cakewalk SONAR V-Studio 100 Mixing Desk (Project Studio): PreSonus StudioLive Mixing Desk (High End): SSL Matrix Audio Processor (Software): Universal Audio UAD-2 Field Recorder: Zoom H4n DAW Controller: Cakewalk SONAR V-Studio 700 KEYBOARDS/SOFTWARE: Hardware Synthesizer: Dave Smith Instruments Tetra Stage Piano: Yamaha CP1 Controller Keyboard: Novation ReMote SL Mk II Software Instrument: Synthogy Ivory...

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Sounds From SPACE!

The University of Iowa and Professor Don Gurnett have been collecting sounds from space over the last 40 years.  One type of sound that has been collected over the years are “whistlers”.  A description on how they are produced can be found below: Whistlers are produced by lightning and travel along Earth’s magnetic field line from one hemisphere to the other, as shown in this illustration. In the ionized gas that exists in this region of space, the high frequencies travel faster than the low frequencies, thereby dispersing the wave from the lightning stroke into a whistling tone that decreases...