Monthly Archive: February 2010

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Bleep Labs’ “PicoPaso”

You might have heard of Bleep Labs from their analog VCO, Thingamagoop but now hear this.  They are back with the PicaPaso! “The Pico Paso is a stepped tone noise noise synth by Dr. Bleep. It uses two triangle wave oscillators that can be combined or used separately. A wave shaper and square wave LFO can be used to increase the aural ridiculousness.”

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Designing Sound’s “Charles Deenen Special”

Designing Sound is running a series of posts with Charles Deenen where he goes over multiple design practices.  He talks about his work recording vehicles for the Need for Speed series along with ways of simplifying your workflow.  There’s some great posts, check them out! Source:

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The Sweet Sound of Resonating Metal

Chuck Russom runs a great blog with postings of recent recordings.  His latest are a Slinky recorded with a contact mic and metal on dry ice.  What’s great about the dry ice recording is it’s recorded at 192K with a Sennheiser MKH800 microphone, which can reach frequencies up to 50K.  Hit the jump to hear what these recordings sound like pitched down multiple octaves. Source:


Samsung TVs Get DTS Encoding

DTS, Inc. has announced today that they will be partnering with Samsung to start encoding for their digital television sets. Source:

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Make Music, Play ‘Chime’

Chime is a musical puzzle game on Xbox live that is played exactly the opposite way of Tetris. The goal here is to fill the entire screen with the block pieces before time runs out. While doing so, each piece will play a sample or piece of music in relation to where it’s placed. Chime is currently available on Xbox Live Arcade from Zoe Mode.  Click over to see a video of it in action.

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Gene Simmons Recorded Howls for “The Wolfman”

The L.A. Times has a neat article up talking to ‘The Wolfman’ director, Joe Johnston about the concepts for what a ‘wolfman’ would sound like while howling.  Among Simmons, other rock stars including David Lee Roth were recorded. Source: