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Interview – Ivo Ivanov of Glitchmachines

  I’m known for my vivid and experimental design aesthetic. I’m not the designer you’ll call when you need a library of foot steps. When it comes to abstract alien technology or foreboding drones, however, I have a lot to bring to the table.

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Introducing the Royer R-121 XL

Royer Labs announces the availability of the R-121 XL, the world’s longest ribbon microphone. Featuring an 8-inch long ribbon, the R-121 XL delivers unprecedented proximity effect and low-frequency extension.

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Build a Classic Synth: Hands-on with KORG’s MS-20 Kit

  Call it the MS-20 “Biggie.” A year after remaking their classic 1978 MS-20 synthesizer in a hugely-popular “mini” version, KORG surprised everyone by unveiling a second reissue this year, the limited-edition MS-20 Kit. Its innards are entirely identical to the MS-20 mini; component-by-component, the sound circuitry is the same.


An Intro To Eurorack

  If you haven’t already grabbed a few modules here’s another intro video from FluxWithIt to tempt you. I never knew HP stood for horizontal pitch. “This is just simply a primer to get people a little bit of info on what eurorack is. How to get started, and what some of the key elements are.”